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ShadowRib™ panel combines aesthetics, economics and function to bring definition to metal structures. This panel is a proven performer and a versatile tool to the designer. Structural strength in the Star Shadowrib panel is accomplished without sacrificing appearance or design flexibility. The fluted face creates distinctive shadow lines.


  • 26 gauge (standard)
  • 22 gauge


  • Maximum recommended 40′-0″


  • 16″ wide by 3″ high


  • Galvalume Plus®
  • Signature® 200 Colors
  • Signature® 300 Colors


Concealed fastening system. Panels may be secured to the structure from outside the building with the Star Shadowrib concealed clip, or from inside the building with an expansion fastener. Both are positive fastening methods that create a secure interlock between panel
and structure.


The Star ShadowRib panel can be used for walls, fascias and equipment screens. Apply the panel over light-gauge framing, purlins, girts, structural steel and joists.


  1. Concealed fastener panel
  2. Signature® 200 Colors
  3. Signature® 300 Colors
  4. Continuous eave-to-sill panel exceeds 40’0″ length
  5. Optional embossed texture
  6. Fire rating
  7. Various wall applications
  8. Greater panel span
  9. 3″ deep wall cavity


  1. Enchances architectural application
  2. 25-year finish warranty
  3. 25-year premium paint finish warranty, ultimate resistance to chalking and
    color changes
  4. Enhances appearance by eliminating end laps and improves ease
    of installation
  5. Embossing the metal reduces glare and the potential for oil-canning
  6. Panels carry a UL® “Class A” fire rating
  7. The panel can be applied to light gauge framing, purlins, girts, structural steel and joist
  8. In many instances, the panel can span from floor to ceiling without
    interior support
  9. Ready for application of a variety of insulation methods into the 3″ cavity

ShadowRib – Section Properties

Properties Notes:

  1. All calculations for the properties of Rok-Bilt Steel ShadowRib panels are calculated in accordance with the 2001 edition of the North American Specification For Design Of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members.
  2. Ixe is for deflection determination.
  3. Sxe is for bending.
  4. Maxo is allowable bending moment.
  5. All values are for one foot of panel width.

Allowable Uniform Loads 
In Pounds Per Square Foot – 16″ Panels

Allowable Uniform Loads Notes:

  1. Allowable loads are based on uniform span lengths.
  2. LIVE LOAD is limited by bending, shear, combined shear and bending and web crippling.
  3. NEGATIVE WIND LOAD has been increased by 33.333% and does not consider fastener pull-out or pull-over.
  4. Panel weight has not been deducted from the allowable loads.

The engineering data contained herein is for the expressed use of customers and design professionals. Along with this data, it is recommended that the design professional have a copy of the most current version of the North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members published by the American Iron and Steel Institute to facilitate design. This Specification contains the design criteria for cold-formed steel components. Along with the Specification, the designer should reference the most current building code applicable to the project jobsite in order to determine environmental loads. If fur ther information or guidance regarding cold-formed design practices is desired, please contact the manufacturer.


Galvalume Plus® is a registered trademark of BIEC International, Inc.
Signature® is a registered trademark of the NCI Group.
ShadowRib™ is a registered trademark of the NCI Group.