Steel Warehouses

Steel Structure Warehouses for Manufacturing Use

Strong and Long Lasting Steel Warehouses

Rok-Bilt’s steel structure warehouse buildings are durable. Their permanence design was created to stand strong against harsh weather conditions. Most insurance companies offer significant discounts because our prefabricated steel warehouses are not built with lumber, avoiding igniting or adding fuel to a fire. Our warehouse structures retain their structural integrity and value for many decades.

Clear Span Warehouses

Rok-Bilt Pre-Engineered Buildings are a popular choice because our rigid-frame steel framing is so sturdy that it spans large areas without needing any interior support columns. So even if you’re building a mega warehouse, our prefabricated buildings offer unobstructed interior space, allowing warehouse operations and large equipment more flexibility and maneuverability.

Steel Warehouse Building with beige wall panels

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Rok-Bilt Steel has assisted in many steel warehouses including:
  • Manufacturing warehouses
  • Online retailers and e-commerce businesses
  • Chocolate factories
  • Shipping companies
  • And much more offering a steel-framed structure!
Warehouse Building with roll up doors

Why Choose A Prefabricated Warehouse Building Kit

Ordering a Pre-Engineered Metal Warehouse Building Kit from Rok-Bilt Steel ensures you get an experienced, professional consultant from beginning to end.  Choosing a prefabricated building kit makes assembly quick and easy upon delivery. Similar to a kids erector set, our steel warehouses are bolted together – because boys never really grow up, we just get bigger!

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