Rok-Pacs Metal Building Kits

Our most popular line of buildings – highest quality materials with money-saving options.

Rok-Pac Series metal building kits are our most popular line of buildings – highest quality materials with money-saving options. Manufactured in the same plants as our other more complex building lines, our Rok-Pac Series Buildings are an attractive option for the average consumer. Building deliveries are normally quicker to site.

Save now on this select group of metal buildings in virtually every popular size, all with commercial/industrial-quality products and accessories.

Rok-Pac Series buildings can be designed for multiple applications and multiple building codes and loadings (snow, seismic, wind, etc.) These buildings will work in virtually every city/county of the US.

Rok-Pac Buildings will include the following standard specifications:

  • Rigid Frame Clear Span Gables, Single Slopes, Multi-Span, Inset Bays, Aircraft Hangar Buildings for Bi-Fold or Hydraulic Doors.
  • Widths from 15′-0 to 200’-0.
  • Lengths from 20′-0 to 500′-0 – Variable Bay Spacings.
  • Eave Heights from 10′-0 to 32’-0.
  • Roof Slopes from .5/12 to 4/12.
  • Ground snow loads from 0# to 140#.
  • Wind loads from 90 mph to 200 mph.
  • All building occupancy categories (Ag, Commercial, 300+ People, Essential Facilities).
  • Wind exposure B, C and D available.
  • PBR profile Galvalume Plus or colored roof and wall panels in 26 or 24 gauge.
  • Full trim package, including base trim, gutters and downspouts or sculptured eave trims.
  • Long life self-drilling fasteners in roof and walls.
  • Cable or rod bracing, portal frames or fixed base columns.
  • Fully sheeted or open walls.
  • 3 sets of both permit/erection drawings and anchor bolt plans – all stamped by registered engineers in all 50 US states.

Upgrades and accessories that can be easily added to our buildings include:

  • Change of building code edition and design loadings.
  • Standing seam roof panels in lieu of screw down PBR type.
  • Fiberglass batt insulation in several thicknesses and facings.
  • Walk doors, including wind rated and insulated types.
  • Roll-Up Doors, including standard, insulated and wind-rated types.
  • Roof extensions at both end walls and side walls to 5′-0 projection.
  • Roof vents at ridge – both linear and round.
  • Expandable end wall framing for future expansion.
  • Wall liner panels for partial or full interior coverage.
  • Reinforced plastic lights at roof and wall areas of building.
  • Windows in various sizes including plain and insulated types.

Sketches below are shown for illustration purposes only:

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