Metal Building Color Chart

Rok-Bilt Steel offers offers a variety of panel colors to choose from.

Panel Colors

Rok-Bilt Steel offers our metal building kits in a variety of different colors to match your brand or the surrounding environment. Whether you want a simple gray or a bold red, we can help you color coordinate roof panels with the wall panels from our available panel color finishes. Rok-Bilt Steel offers two categories of standard finishes you can choose from. Learn about both of them below.

Available Signature 200 Standard Colors

Signature® 200 Series

The Signature® 200 Series of coatings is a silicone modified polyester (also known as SMP). Silicone modified polyester coatings are hard, durable finishes that provide remarkable gloss, color retention and chalk resistance. A perfect choice for doors, wall cladding, agricultural and high traffic commercial projects. The most economical choice, Signature® 200, comes in a variety of stock colors and can also be customized to your specifications. The popular reds and greens of recent decades have given way to trends toward more natural colors, earth tones, calming blues and natural metallics such as copper and bronze.

Metal building color options in the Signature® 200 Series includes Cobalt Blue, Hawaiian Blue, Burnished Slate, Charcoal Gray, Ash Gray, Koko Brown, Desert Sand, Saddle Tan, Light Stone, Solar White, Polar White, Rustic Red, Crimson Red, and Fern Green.

Available Signature 300 Standard Colors

Signature® 300 Series

For premium projects or projects in more aggressive environments, the Signature® 300 series of coatings utilize a 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin. PVDF finishes offer superior color retention and are highly resistant to harsh conditions such as UV radiation, high winds, high altitudes, acid rain, high humidity and other chemically or environmentally aggressive environments. Signature® 300 coatings are perfect for high visibility architectural and industrial projects. If you’re building near the coastline, we offer a special finish formulated to stand up to marine environments and damaging salt spray.

We can also provide customized finishes for interior projects wherever corrosive conditions occur indoors, such as in water treatment plants, indoor swimming pools or facilities that use or manufacture caustic, corrosive chemicals.

Metal building color options in the Signature® 300 Series includes Bone White, Snow White, Slate Gray, Medium Bronze, Brownstone, Almond, Brite Red, Harbor Blue, and Classic Green.

Available Accessories

  • Hat and Channel Sections

  • Light Transmitting Panels

  • Vents

  • Roof Jacks

  • Fasteners

  • Ridge Caps

  • Closures

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Sealants

  • Insulation

  • Bracing

  • Bolts

  • Louvers

  • Sliding Door Hardware

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